Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How does one justify a good person?

How does one justify a good person?
In the world there are three types of people, people who try to change the world for the better, people who just exist, and people who try to change the world for the worst. The people who try to change the world for the better normally have an opinion or idea that they would like to try and spread and promote for what they think is better than something already is. They may also be trying to change something that they think is wrong in some way. They are normally looked at as heroes. However an Idea or opinion that they may have might be offensive or disliked by someone else, therefore causing a dilemma within itself.
The people who try to change the world for the worse are what most people would call the villains. However in their mind they are the hero. They are doing the exact same thing that the hero is doing. However their method may be misconstrued on how they should do so, or maybe they are simply the people who were never understood and trying to change things to help suit their lifestyle.
Then there are the people who just exist. These people deal with day to day life and don’t care how things are. All they do it exist. They don’t wish to make a change. They don’t wish to really become a millionaire or hope to be president. They want to go about a simple life, and continue living out their daily routine.
In order to be a good citizen, it is up to each individual person to do not what everyone wants them to do, but what they think is morally right. They have to find a balance between the three types of people that suits them and doesn’t interfere with any one else’s rights as a human being. They have to be able to live a life, that helps the gears of the world keep turning, not create a jam. This is what I think it takes to be a good citizen.

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